Upcoming Rooftop Events

Join us on our rooftop events in Brussels for unforgettable events filled with adventure and diversity. Register now at our rooftop events for solo or group experiences and discover new cultures, exciting activities, and extraordinary people. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of our dynamic community and have a memorable evening.

14 février 2024

Join us for Valentine’s day.

Chaque couple qui célebrera sa saint-Valentin au Eight Rooftop recevra une rose gratuite.

The Eight Rooftop
2nd Birthday

Join us for our Rooftop second birthday.

Information coming soon about what will be the offer at that day

Halloween Costume Party
31 October 2023

Join us on our halloween costume party.

FREE FREE FREE ! Per costumed person, get your free halloween special cocktail.

Rooftop Party

Rooftop Party
25 November 2023

Join us on our rooftop party in the center of Brussels.

DJ DJ DJ! At this party, there will be a DJ to make you show your best dance moves. 

Christmas party
25 December 2023

Join us on our Christmas party.

GIFTS GIFTS GIFTS! Come and take your gifts with you, exchange your gifts at our rooftop bar.